Frequently Asked Questions:

FB_IMG_1499446620760Who can become a member?

Membership is open to any student enrolled at the University of Central Missouri who is interested in music and who is not employed full-time in the field of music education. A student does not have to be a music education major to join.


How do I become a member of the UCM NAfME Chapter?

It’s easy! All one has to do is attend our meetings and pay their chapter dues. Our chapter dues are only $35 for the entire academic year. For more information on joining our chapter, please visit our join page.

How do I become a NAfME member on a National/State Level?

In order to become a NAfME member, you will register on the NAfME Collegiate Website. Being a member gives you a ton of benefits including attending our state conference (MMEA) in January. Additional benefits of collegiate members are outlined in NAfME Recruitment Brochure. Membership dues on the National/State level are only $39 for collegiate members!

When does our NAfME Chapter meet?

We meet every other Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 p.m. For a detailed schedule of our events, visit the calendar page here.


How can I attend MMEA with our chapter?IMG_7957

First, you must be a member in good standing. To be considered in good standing, you must attend 2/3 of the meetings per semester of membership and attend at least one fundraiser or community service activity per semester of membership. In order to attend the MMEA conference, you must also be a member of the National NAfME organization. Dues are $39 dollars and can be paid on the NAfME Collegiate Website.